Brandi Lemay

-Advocate, Teacher, Wife, and Mother of 3

Welcome to Lemayzing Sped Advocacy.

My journey as an advocate started when I was navigating my own path to get needed services for my daughter. Even as a teacher in the school system I found myself stumbling over endless educational jargon, unsure how to negotiate her needs in meetings, confusing laws and parent rights, and swirling through emotions of fear and helplessness.

As I walked this road, my heart found passion and drive to not only change my family/daughters path, but also the path of those walking with us. My mission is to walk alongside you and your child, so that together we can make the way for them to become who THEY are meant to be.

Mission/Vision Statement:

Interceding for families that sit at the 504/IEP table to navigate appropriate and prosperous outcomes so that ALL children can become who THEY are meant to be!  
Getting help doesn't have to be difficult

I'm here to support your journey. Contact me for a free consultation. You're not alone, reach out today.

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