Welcome to Lemayzing Sped Advocacy

Interceding for families that sit at the 504/IEP table to navigate appropriate and prosperous outcomes so that ALL children can become who THEY are meant to be!

Hi! I’m Brandi Lemay

Here for families raising children with education needs.
I am an educated and experienced advocate trained to provide quality special education advocacy services.
I believe in a collaborative approach tailored to each specific client.
My goal is to ensure that all children receive the services and support they need both in and out of the classroom so that they can reach their full potential.


Accessible, inclusive and individualized services for all children with special needs.

Records Review
One hour consultation to review your child's current IEP or 504 and receive written recommendations. You must email the IEP/504 at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.
IEP/504 Prep
30 min consultation to review your child's last IEP/504 plan and any recent evaluations to prep you for your next meeting.
Full Advocacy
As your advocate you will receive a 3 year full records review, communication with the school on your behalf, IEP/ARD preparation and attendance at the IEP/ARD meetings. Letter writing for evaluation requests & concerns regarding educational products, as well as provide local and national resources to aid you in helping your child.
Getting help doesn't have to be difficult

I'm here to support your journey. Contact me for a free consultation. You're not alone, reach out today.


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